Minor Research Projects Sanctioned by UGC
Sl. No. Principal Investigator Topic
1 Smt. Reena
Dept. of Chemistry
Water Analysis
2 Satheesan M.K
Dept. of Chemistry
Photo catalytic study of zinc oxide based Nanometal oxides and their Application in Organic Waste Management
3 Dr. T L Remadevi
Dept. of Physics
Optical band gap engineering in zinc selenide thin films prepared by chemical methods by post thermal treatment and doping for photovoltaic and luminescent applications
4 Dr. R K Biju
Dept. of Physics
Nuclear structure studies via cluster decay
5 Dr. Smitha R. Nair
Dept. of Hindi
The relevance of translation in contemporary period - a critical reasoning of selected works of Hindi-Malayalam literary translation in sociocultural aspects
6 Ms. Mahima CV
Dept. of Commerce
A Study on Impact of Globalization on Textile Industries in Kannur District
7 Dr. K.B. Vidhya
Dept. of Economics
Poverty and Deprivation Among The Tribals-A Question of Social Non Inclusiveness
8 Dr. Maheshkumar M
Dept. of Zoology
Antimicrobial Activity of Pheretima posthuma (Kinberg)Extract
9 Dr. Sumitha Nair N
Dept. of Malayalam
Globalization and Cultural Amnesia: the secular rethinking of the ideological politics of major festivals in India
10 Smt. Ragi. P.V
Dept. of Mathematics
Advanced study of set graceful and set sequential graphs.
11 Arathy S Nair Determinants of sustainable consumption : A household level study in Kannur district [Ongoing]
12 Muralidharan P T Imagery and Biofeedback: Psycho Physiological indices and athletic performance
13 Anil Chandran S Role of KSFE in enhancing saving habits among Rural people in Palakkad district
14 Dr Lekha P Adolescence problem in the short stories of Mannu Bhandari
15 Bijini B R Growth and characterization of some biologically important organic crystals