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1. Seminar on “ Polymorphism” by Dr A R Biju, SS College, Taliparamba
2. Talk on “ Enviromental pollution”- Prof. Sathyanandan

1. National Science Day celebrated with the financial support of KSCSTE
2. A talk on  'Biodiesel- an alternative source of energy'
3. A talk on  'Bio degradable polymers' by Dr N K Renuka
4. Science exhibition organized

• National Science Day celebrated with the financial support of KSCSTE • A talk on 'Biodiesel- an alternative source of energy' • A talk on 'Bio degradable polymers' by Dr N K Renuka • Science exhibition organized

• Talk on “Flavanoids in foods” by Dr Sudheesh, HOD, KU center • Nano and Voice of Kerala released

Magic Chemistry”, presentation by Sri Soman, Principal, GHM, Edayannur • “Rasathanthrotsavam”observed for one week -100th birth centenary of August Kekule • Talk on “Atmospheric Chemistry”- Dr M K Satheesh kumar • National Science Day celebrated with the financial support of KSCSTE-Class on 'Spectroscopy' by Dr S Sugunan and General awareness on Lab works by Dr Jose • Conducted open defense for First PhD from research department

• Water quality analysis- Inaugurated by Dr Harikumar, CWRDM, Calicut • NANO and 'Pazhassi chem' released • Talk on “ Food safety and pesticide control” Dr P Balakrishan, Dept. of Botany • Honored eminent scientist Dr Mukundan, University of Bayreeth, Germany • National seminar to honor Dr K Pradeepkumar, Former HOD of Chemistry and Principal

• A talk on “environmental protection-measures to be taken” by Dr.Sreeja • Interdepartmental essay competition, intercollegiate power point presentations and science exhibition conducted • UGC sponsored two day national conference on “emerging methods in nano technology” • Ozone day celebrated with the sponsorship of KSCSTE • National science day observed with the support of KSCSTE • Newsletter “pazhassi Chem” released. 201

• Felicitated the toppers and organized an interdepartmental quiz competition in connection with Hiroshima and Nagasakki day. • Department observed Ozone Day and International Mole Day with variety of programmes. • A workshop on soap making was arranged and a soap production unit started in the department. • National Science day observed with variety of programmes.

Kekule Club activities of the academic year 2017-18 was inaugurated by Dr.Sumitha Nair and yearly News Letter Voice of Kekule and Manuscript magazine Nano were released and also the topper of Bsc chemistry 2017 was felicitated. • Training for soap making was given to the students of III DC chemistry. • Interaction with prestigious alumnus Dr.K.Indulekha, Scientist at ISRO was arranged and She made an inspirational talk. • Ozone day was observed with varieties of programmes like inter collegiate power point presentation contest,Quiz and poster making competitions for higher secondary school students . The programme was inaugurated by Dr.K.Pradeep Kumar, former Principal of PRNSS College . • Chemistry association was inaugurated by Dr.P.Vijesh, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Payyannur College. He gave a talk on higher study options and career opportunities for BSc Chemistry students. • Organized one day seminar in connection with National Science day with the financial assistance of KSCSTE. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr.C Gouri, Former Division Head, Polymers and Special Chemicals Group, VSSC.

• Principal Dr.T.L Remadevi inaugurated Kekule club activities of the year 2018-19 and she released the manuscript magazine Nano. • Department gave send off to Mr.Indukumar, who after long years of service as laboratory assistant, retired on july 31st 2018. • Observed ozone day with the financial assistance of KSCSTE, Conducted poster presentation and quiz competitions for higher secondary school students and inter collegiate power point presentation competition. • Chemistry association was inaugurated by Dr.George, an alumnus and HSST Chemistry, Mambaram H.S.S on 12th of February. • Conducted study tour of final year chemistry students to steel industry in Hampi. • Started the celebration of international year of periodic table with a display of the periodic table made by students. • Conducted science quiz, drawing and essay competitions as a part of observing national science day on February 28th.

• The activities of Chemistry Kekule club of the academic year 2019-20 were inaugurated by our former Principal Dr.G.Kumaran Nair on 13 July 2019. Topper Revathi P.V. and students who bagged A+ grade and A grade were felicitated.. Former Principal Dr.G.Kumaran Nair Released the manuscript magazine Nano and the news letter Voice of Kekule. • Principal Dr.T.L Remadevi inaugurated One day exhibition Exposition de quimica. • Open defence seminar of Smt.Surabhi A K, research student of Dr.K.Pradeep Kumar at Dept .of Chemistry was conducted on 25.11.2019. • One day programme for introducing Chemistry lab and experiments were arranged to the students of Parikkalam Saradavilasam AUP School. • Second year students were taken for a field trip to Western India Ply woods on 3rdDecember 2019. • Department hosted the meeting of former students of 1995-1998 batch at the department on 24 th December 2019. • Chemistry association 2019-2020 was inaugurated by Dr.Balakrishnan, HOD, Plant Scienc Department.

• Inauguration of Kekule club activities of the year 2020-21 was done by retired Professor Dr.MuhammedShafi ,Dept .of Chemistry ,University of Calicut on 25/9/2020 in an online platform. Felicitation of topper of 2019-2020 batch Christina and 2nd topper Athira Narayanan and all other A grade winners were also done on the same day. Dr.Shafi gave a talk on Molecules that changed the world. • Onam was celebrated as Rasonam with the online release of a video of onam programmes by final year students. • Arranged an online welcome programme to first year students with a variety of games and cultural programmes . • Observed National science day with a webinar on ‘Human Genome Editing using Modern Chemical Tools” by Dr N Ashwanikumar, Assistant Professor, Sir syed College,Taliparamba. • Observed national Chemistry Day and International mole day on 23rd and 24th October 2020.Organised quiz competition based on mole concept and an inter collegiate cartoon competition.

• Principal Dr.S.Gopalakrishna Pillai inaugurated the Chemistry Kekule club activities of the 2021-22 year • Released Department Magazine “Nano “ as e-magazine • Arranged interaction with our alumni Praveen Kumar K (Senior Research Officer, EICL, Thiruvananthapuram) & Indulekha K (Scientist, ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram) • Felicitaion of toppers 2K18-2K21 Batch (Five A+ and 12 A grade) our alumni, Revathi P.V (2nd rank in M.Sc Chemistry, Kannur University 2021) & Nivedya Prasad (1st rank in M.Sc Material Science, Kannur University Centre 2021). • Conducted webinar on “Higher Education and Career Opportunities in Chemistry” by Dr.Vijesh AM, Assistant Professor, Payyannur College on 11-10-2021. • Observed International mole day by conducting a Talk on “Chemistry in Everyday life” by Dr.K.Pradeep Kumar, Retd. HOD and Principal of PRNSS College, Mattanur on 28th October 2021 . • Interdepartmental Quiz Competition and Writing competition were also organised as a part of mole day celebration. • Keralapiravi was Celebrated as a programme named “Paithrikam” on November 1st • Organised interdepartmental pencil drawing competition on 25th January 2022 as a part of Republic Day celebration. • A programme named “Behind the venom” by Mr.Shamseer Kuthuparamba, Forest rescuer, MARC was arranged on 2nd March 2022. • National Science day was celebrated by conducting Science Quiz competition and Power point presentation competition for high school students on 3rd March 2022 and 4th March. An online demonstration class on “Microscale experiments in Chemistry” by Dr.S.Murugan. Retired Professor and HOD of Chemistry, S.T.College, Nagarcovil was also organised as a part of National Science day 2022 on 5th March. • Association Inauguration 2021 was by our alumni, Nikhil.A (Chemist, Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd , Kochi. • Study tour on 25th April to Kodaikanal,Ramakkalmedu and Ernakulam.Visited HOCL at Ambalamugal, Kochi. • Released the department manuscript magazine, Insperia on 4th June 2022.Same day send off to final year Chemistry students was also arranged