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1. National Mathematics Day celebrations Glimpses of  Mathematics  sponsored by KSCSTE and DST Govt. of India on 13 th & 14 th  August 2018 with  series of seminars, poster making competition and quiz competition.
2. Compactum club activities were inaugurated by Dr. Shiju George, Asst. Professor, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery in AN of 14-08-2018. He delivered a talk on Number Theory.
3. Commerce and Mathematics Department jointly organized Finishing School Programme  NYPUNYA  for PG students from 14-01-19 to 16-01-19.
4. Mathematics Association was inaugurated on 29-01-19 by Prof.P.Moosa, Principal, ITM College, Mayyil. He delivered a talk on Beauty and Symmetry of Mathematics.
5. Department organized Rubik’s cube solving competition and Sudoku competition on 07-02-19.
6. Department organized an Academic Enrichment Programme on 22-02-19. Dr.Mubeena T, Asst.Professor , Govt. College, Kasaragod delivered a talk on Galois Theory.

1. Compactum club activities were inaugurated by    Mr. Suresh EV, Asst. Professor, Payyanur College, Payyanur in FN of 01-07-2019. He delivered a talk on ‘Geometrical approach to Linear Algebra’. Toppers of UG and PG were felicitated.
2. Teacher’s day celebrated on 05-09-19 by cutting cakes and with variety of programmes.
3. Department organized an orientation programme for the I B Sc students on 28- 08- 2019.Principal Dr. S. Beena , HOD Dr. Usha K K and Tutor Sri.Biju K spoke on the occasion. Conducted an entry level test for the first year students and arranged aerobic dance for the students by Professor P T Muraleedharan, Phy.Edn Dept.
4. Conducted a Treasure Hunt on 06-02-2020. Out of the forty teams participated, team of four students from the Economics Department won the hunt.
5. Mathematics Association was inaugurated by Dr. Sabu Sebastian on 07-02- 2020, He delivered a talk on “ Fuzzy sets and its Applications”. A general quiz competition  was held on that day.