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The Department of Botany was established as a single faculty department in 1993 to offer B.Sc. (Botany) complementary course. It was then upgraded to a full-fledged UG department in 2013 with the introduction of B.Sc. Plant Science programme. Presently, the department is run by a permanent faculty supported by 4 guest faculties. B.Sc. Plant Science is a language reduced programme reinforced by 4 common courses in related fields.

  • To impart Botany education with a view to promoting and spreading the temper of Science and technology among the students as well as the society.
  • To discover, maintain and transit knowledge concerning basic plant biology and provide leadership in biological sciences.
  • To provide the best educational opportunities possible for students for holistic development and academic excellence to contribute effectively to the research and development of the subject.
  • To promote conservation of plant species by planting, building awareness among the people for biodiversity conservation by conducting surveys, organizing popular talks, exhibition, public hearing, quiz competitions etc.
  • Launching training programme in livelihood generation, such as mushroom, medicinal plants, propagation methods and cultivation of timber and fruit bearing species.