• National Science day celebrations 2017 with the financial assistance of KSCSTE. An intercollegiate poster presentation competition on the topic “Science for peace and development”.


  • Lecture series in connection with international year of light and light based technologies with the financial support of KSCSTE. Inaugurated by Dr Reji Philip, RRI Bangalore
  • Sri MPC Nambiar, Dr Murughesan , Nanyang University, Singapore delivered the second and third speeches
  • An essay and quiz competition was organized for higher secondary students


  • Two day residential camp on “Conservation of energy and energy audit” in association with KSSP, KSEB and EMC. 272 houses visited and data collected for energy audit.


  • Workshop on laboratory Physics for high school students.
  • National Science Day- KSCSTE sponsored–A Stage show competition on life/ discoveries of eminent scientists


  • Young Physicist award – intercollegiate programme.