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Dr Prasanna M K

Associate Professor


Degree University Year Specialisation
M sc - - -
MTech - - -
B.Ed - - -
NET(JRF) - - -
PhD - - -

Area Of Interests

Sl No. Interests
1 Coordination Chemistry
2 Nanomaterials
3 Physical chemistry,


Sl No. From To Worked At Designation
1 - - - -


Sl No. Memberships
1 AKPCTA member

Paper Presentations

Sl No. Presentations
1 Presented a poster titled Solvothermal and microwave assisted syntheisis of complexes of transition metals with hydrazones nitrogen as hetero atom at AOP Chem2012.
2 Presented a paper titlted Synthesis,characterization sand antimicrobial activity study of salicylaldehyde hydralazine and its complexes in the International Conference ICCER-2014 organized by PG and Research department of Chemistry,Jamal Mohammed College.
3 Presented a poster at the national seminar held at Nirmalagiri college in 2014.
4 Presented a paper at the national seminar on Photonics Applications &Nanomaterials in 2015

Refresher Course

Sl No. Courses
1 Attended an orientation course at University of Calicut in 2007.
2 Attended a refresher course in ICT for Higher Education in 2009.
3 Attended a short term course in Research Methodology in Science in 2010.
4 Attended a Refresher Course in Nano Science in 2017 at Kannur University .
5 Attended a short-term course in Climate change in 2019 at Kannur University
6 Attended a short-term course in Gender studies in 2020 at Kannur University.

Research Publications

Sl No. Publications
1 1.N’-[(E)-2-Hydroxy-5-methoxybenzylidene]pyridine-4- carbohydrazide monohydrate,ActaCryst.(2013),E69,o881
2 2. N’ -{(E)-[5-(Hydroxymethyl)furan-2- yl]methylidene}pyridine4-carbohydrazide dihydrate, ActaCryst.(2013),E69,o1342-o1343
3 3. 2-{(E)-[(2Z)-2-(1,2-Dihydrophthalazin-1- ylidene)hydrazinylidene]methyl}phenol, ActaCryst.(2013),E69, o1522-o1523
4 4.Synthesis,characterisation and evaluation of anti tumor and antifungal activities of transition metal complexes of 4- pyridinecarboxylic acid [(2hydroxyphenyl)methylene]hydrazide and its 5-methoxy derivative,Int.J.Pharm.Biomed. Sci.2013,4(1),24-29 ISSN No:0976-5263.
5 5.Synthesis,characterisation and antimicrobial studies of transition metal complexes of 2-hydroxy-5- methoxybenzaldehydeisonicotinoyilhydrazone,Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment(ISSN 0972-0626) Vol17(6)June(2013)p61-67.


Sl No. Responsibilities
1 Board of studies PG Chemistry member ,2018-20
2 NSS programme officer in 2013-14,2016-2020

Seminar Attended

Sl No. Seminar Attended
1 Various National and International seminars

Seminar Organized

Sl No. Seminar Organized
1 National seminar organizing committee member organized by the department of chemistry in 2007
2 Convener UGC and KSCSTE sponsored National seminar organised by department of Chemistry in 2008.
3 Organised a National conference on Emerging Methods in Nano Technology sponsored by UGC at Chemistry Department ,PRNSS College,Mattanur in 2015.

Subjects Handled

Sl No. Subjects
1 Chemistry


Sl No. Workshops
1 Attended a workshop on single crystal X-ray diffraction study at STIC Cochin.
2 Attended workshop on Biothermodynamics and Bioinformatics in Drug discovery organised by IUCB,DBT-BIF,Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology,Kannur University in 2012.
3 Attended one day workshop on revision of scheme and syllabi of Chemistry organised by the Board of Studies in Chemistry(UG) of Kannur University in 2013.