• National Mathematics Day celebrations Glimpses of  Mathematics  sponsored by KSCSTE and DST Govt. of India on 13th& 14th August 2018 with  series of seminars, poster making competition and quiz competition.
  • Compactum club activities were inaugurated by Dr. Shiju George, Asst. Professor, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery in AN of 14-08-2018. He delivered a talk on Number Theory.
  • Commerce and Mathematics Department jointly organized Finishing School Programme  NYPUNYA  for PG students from 14-01-19 to 16-01-19.
  • Mathematics Association was inaugurated on 29-01-19 by Prof.P.Moosa, Principal, ITM College, Mayyil. He delivered a talk on Beauty and Symmetry of Mathematics.
  • Department organized Rubik’s cube solving competition and Sudoku competition on 07-02-19.
  • Department organized an Academic Enrichment Programme on 22-02-19. Dr.Mubeena T, Asst.Professor , Govt. College, Kasaragod delivered a talk on Galois Theory.