• Department organized a Communicative English class for final year B Sc students on 30-06-2017.  Sri.P.Mohanan, HSST English, Thokkilangadi HSS was the resource person.
  • Activities of the Mathematics club Compactum was inaugurated by Dr. T.L.Remadevi, Principal, PRNSS College, Mattanur on 04-07-2017. Mr. Athul P, Research Scholar, NIT Calicut delivered a talk on “The Construction of  Real Numbers”.                                                                 
  • Compactum club conducted a Rubiks cube solving competition on 21-07-2017.
  • Department organised a lecture for PG students and a motivation class for I B Sc students on 20-10-2017. Dr. T V Anoop, Assistant Professor, IIT Madras delivered the lecture on Sequence space and Hardy’s inequality and he interacted with the UG students.
  • Mathematics Association was inaugurated by Dr.K.P.Prashobhith, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery on 09-01-2018. He delivered a talk on New generation- Strength & Correction. Toppers of UG and PG were felicitated in that meeting.
  • Department organized a two day workshop SOMATH-Solving Mathematics for UG students on 19-01-2018 & 20-01-2018. Mr. Sreejith Siju, Research Scholar, IIT Palakkad, Mrs. Usha K K & Mr. Biju K, PRNSS College, Mattanur handled the sessions.
  • Department in association with the Department Alumni organized a one day National Seminar on Applications of  Functional Analysis on 23-02-2018. Dr. T.C Easwaran Nambudiri, Head of the Dept. of Mathematics, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery, Dr. T V Anoop, Asst. Professor, IIT Madras and Mrs. Usha K K , Asst. professor. of Mathematics, PRNSS College, Mattanur  engaged the sessions.    
  • As a part of National Science Day celebrations, Department organized an Intercollegiate Quiz Competition on Mathematics and Technology sponsored by KSCSTE on 28-02-2018.