• Department felicitated the toppers and gave away the Babu Sanath kumar memorial cash prize (former lab attender) instituted by the department to the topper.
  • Interdepartmental poster competition in connection with Hiroshima and Nagasaki day.
  • A National seminar on Gravitational waves sponsored by KSCSTE.
  • A talk on Nanotechnology by Dr.Joji. P of Nirmalagiri College as an academic enrichment seminar.
  • National Science day celebrations 2017 with the financial assistance oF KSCSTE. An intercollegiate poster presentation competition on the topic “Science for peace and development” .
  • A talk on Nano science was arranged by an alumnus of department Mr. Ragesh T.P (Research Fellow, Iceland University)
  • A talk on career options in Physics by Dr. Baiju.P   (Research fellow, Australia).