• Salam India: A Tribute to our national leaders- a commemorative programme on Indian Republic and martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi was organized with an audio-visual theatre in which rare audio tapes and videos were screened.
  • The Department is associating with Mattanur municipality in a Local History Writing, which is a comprehensive and lengthy exercise to record the annals of the Mattanur’s past.  The workshop sessions were handled by eminent historians like Prof. K.K.N.Kurup and Dr. P.J.Vincent. The final document on the local history of Mattanur will be brought out soon. 


  • Exhibition of coins from Mahajanapada period to present era conducted


  • One week long programme on the History of legacy of Pazhassi Raja-“ charithra padhangalile Pazhassi” – Exhibition and film screening etc.


  • History exhibition- To commemorate “Mattanur Madhusoodhanan Thangal”.