1) The English Department Association was inaugurated on 23rd of January 2018 by Dr. E.V. Fathima, Assistant Professor and Head of the Deparment of English, KMM Govt. Women's College, Kannur. The inaugural function was followed by an interactive session for the students of the department on Translation: Theory and Practice with Dr. E.V.Fathima.

2) The department organized a one day invited lecture on Literary Theory and Criticism on 27th of February by Dr.C.G Shyamala, Assistant Professor, Post-graduate Department of English and Research Centre for Comparative Studies, Mercy College, Palakkad. The students of the department got a panoramic understanding of various literary theories and its effective practice.

3) The Department also had the opportunity to host a lecture of interdisciplinary nature on Science, Philosophy and Literature by Dr. T.V. Sajeev, Senior Research Scientist, Kerala Forest Research Department.

4) The department organized one day lecture on Introduction to Indian Aesthetics by Shri. Thulasi Das. B, Assistant Professor, Department of Studies in English, Kannur University on 24th of March, 2018.